Natalie Brewer

aloof local


Look: brooding
Eyes: unnerving
Origin: murdered in cold blood

Hot -1
Cold 2
Volatile -1
Dark 1

Ghost Moves:
Unresolved Trauma
Helpful Spirit


Natalie is the embodiment of “whatever”. She projects an image of being utterly unimpressed and disinterested – and yet somehow, she keeps getting involved in everyone’s troubles.

Natalie has supposedly attended the Silver Hill Academy for awhile, everyone is sure of that, but no one has any specific memories involving her…


PCs present: Natalie, Madison, Crowe, Ursula, Flinch, Treeg

Natalie awakens in the world again, finding evidence that some students had a run-in with the same vampire clan that she’s repeatedly tried to stop over the last century. She manages to track one of them, Flinch, and hovers unseen in their room as they sleep, trying to figure out their involvement. Later, Flinch recognizes her scent in the lunchroom and confronts her, but she shrugs them off with an eyeroll and points out their obvious social complications as a distraction. The ghost of the vampire Jason Solis appears and threatens a students, Ursula. Natalie tries to intervene but is frustrated at how easily the more powerful spirit hurls her back. She is taunted back to action by Crowe – who insinuates he knows her ghostly nature. Solis is discorporated and the students devolve into their separate dramas. Natalie leaves a note in Ursula’s locker, warning her that he’ll be back. She then spends a day secretly haunting Crowe, trying to figure out his deal.

PCs present: Natalie, Ursula, Flinch, Riley, Levi

A troubling dream prompts Natalie to check on Ursula. They end up at Rojo’s along with Flinch, Riley and Levi. Ursula shares some recent trauma with Natalie. Solis shows up to confront Ursula once more, but begrudgingly backs down when the group steps up to have her back. Solis comments that the vampire prince has been slain, and he’d assumed Ursula was to blame. As Solis is about to leave, he is possessed by a dark spirit (suspected to be that of the slain vampire prince). The classmates expel the spirit from his being, and he leaves. Levi struggles to settle down after transforming into a werewolf, and an ambulance is called for the injured Ursula and Riley. Natalie and Flinch share a moment outside.

Natalie pushes Flinch and Levi into keeping watch while she enters the vampire prince’s former lair to search for clues. Inside, she speaks with Esteban San Lucca, the former right hand of the prince. She fakes a brave front and gets some of the information she was seeking, but is left badly shaken by the encounter. Outside, Levi and Flinch nearly end up in an anti-police riot. They all meet back up at Lestat’s where the pair try to pry some answers from Natalie. She tries to tell them it’s not safe to stay involved, but they push back. She seems about to finally admit some personal truths but is interrupted when she abruptly fades out of view in front of their eyes. Their frantic searching turns up no sign of her all day; meanwhile, she experiences a soul-wracking harrowing.

Natalie Brewer

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