Ursula von Maganti

Canadian Dream Goth


     Look: Lithe
     Eyes: Smirking
     Origin: Avid Reader

Hot –1 Cold 2 Volatile –1 Dark 1

Witch Moves
   • Sympathetic Tokens
     – Flinch: jade prayer bead bracelet, binder < destroyed
     – Baron: drawing of “Father” < destroyed
     – Treeg: earring
     – Gabe: “Misfits” patch

   • Hex-Casting
     – Binding
     – Watching


It’s just a lot, okay? There’s so much going on rn, like god damn. If it’s not ghost vampires, it’s beautiful queeny bitches with strings on your new datefriend, and honestly what is all this drama. I guess it burned itself out, but maybe this was all just a mistake. I’m definitely feeling that it was, like a clawed hand around my throat… and that’s actually not a flowery metaphor; I’m really glad those bruises faded so fast.

“‘Canadian Girlfriend 1’ ~Duck and Coven!”
‘Canadian Girlfriend 2’ ~Vampire Ghost!
“‘Canadian Girlfriend 3’ ~Formally Yours”
“‘Canadian Girlfriend 4’ ~Remember Me”

Ursula von Maganti

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