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Silver Hill

Southeast San Diego neighborhood.

Clash between the Gentrification vs Mexican American historic residents.

Important Places
Silver Hill Academy
Calypso's Bodega
Rojo's Tacoreia
Silver Botanical Gardens
Brujitxs Occult Shop
The Ruby Drop wine, brunch, and fine dining.
The Silver Gate Exclusive country club and event venue.
The Plaza all-age dance venue.


  • The Plaza owner is a 35 year old hipster named Jose. Its has been open for five years, and is very popular with the youth of Silver Hill.
  • Silver Hill and Barrio Logan Neighborhood Steerage communities are in competition with one another. The Chair of Silver Hill is a former resident of Barrio Logan, and had an extra martial affair with the co-chair of the Silver Hill committee. Personal grudges   are being brought in. The committees used to get along.
  • Were-jaguars of Mexican origin and Were-wolves of Mexican-American origin are at war over authenticity to the cause of Aslan.
  • The Silver Botanical Gardens were privately started to be a protected area for Burrowing Owls. It is maintained and owned by the were-community. Its has high enough walls (10ft) to protect the were-communities secrecy on the full moon. Other supernaturals called it "The Dog Park" colloquially. 
  • Brujitxs is the center of Silver Hill's occult power, but they are old and have their own concerns.
  • The Ruby Drop is a red herring, it is not the actual center of Vampire power in Silver Hill. The Vampires are keep up this charade to misdirect their enemies. 

Main Page

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